Viva Mexico!

Today is my birthday, I‘m 46 years old. I think. Wait– I have to count 1966, 76… yep 46. I do this every year because on my 33rd birthday I thought I was 34 and on my 34th birthday I told a friend I was 35 and she said, No you’re not, you’re 34, and she was right! That was the best birthday present ever; she gave me a whole year.

Something I appreciate about my birthday is that it falls right in the middle of the year, so I feel I have my very own New Year, and if there are things that I wanted to accomplish that year, and as is often the case, not yet begun, I have my own New Year and 6 months left to get them done. This is the kind of reasoning that emerges from a Cancer- Gemini cusp mind. You may not be followers of astrology (nor am I in an organized manner), so I will explain that the Gemini symbol are the twins, and they are renowned for vacillating characters. The Cancer symbol is a crab, and they are well known for their moodiness, so I like to think of myself as the triplets, which is why the Walt Whitman quote,

“Contradict myself?  Yes then, I contradict myself, I contain multitudes,” is my motto. Continue reading