What To Do When You Can’t Sleep

Sometimes I have problems sleeping. I’ve had one of these cycles the last couple of weeks. I have a new tool for inducing sleep.

The French Whisperer!

I have used ASMR for anxiety, but never sleep stories. It’s great. I have always loved Greek mythology, this is over three hours of stories, and is great not only going to sleep but for falling back asleep when I wake up in the night. I put it on a loop for a full night’s sleep.

He also does world history, though that can be sketchy if you wake up in the middle of the black plague, or inquisition…not so relaxing even in a french whisper.

Or you can listen in French, I like them for falling asleep, but they don’t help me go back to sleep.

Check him out if you need a bedtime story.

Ever have trouble sleeping? I’d love to hear your remedies.