New Year Epiphanies  

A stone the earth gave me today.

The first month of 2023 has been a whirlwind of work, windfalls of understanding, and, dare I say, wisdom?

I just returned from a six-week consultation at Vera Eco Resort. Last year I started my own business, Renegade Consulting, which was primarily for cheese making and butchery and has evolved into more of what my heart wanted. I realized a few months ago my purpose is to work for the earth’s well-being. My expertise: sustainable food systems are the perfect means to that end. 

When I left the U.S. 15 years ago, self-sustainability was the goal. Note that self comes first in that term. My new perspective is reversed. Earth first. How can I best serve the planet?  It may seem like semantics, but it’s a change in my thinking that created a significant shift in the way I feel and how I approach my life.   

 My grandmother, Alice Klinzman, counter-crossed stitched a series of angels for her five grandchildren. Each angel she created had a name, Angel of Hope, Guardian Angel–mine is Earth Angel. As a teenager, I wondered why, other than it was redheaded, she chose it for me. Now I know, she knew me before I knew myself.

In December, I intended to edit and repost some of my favorite posts. I haven’t gotten to that due to my consulting project, but I started thinking of it when I returned home last weekend. This post and its poem came to mind first.  I am amazed when I remember how many of the phrases, though they seem like metaphors, actually occurred and how clearly the intent remains the same. 

I have gone to the woods, and I’m not coming back

Until I can speak with stones.   

I recite my poem: Speak with Stones