New Appointments

I have a new desk!I made it from a chopped up bucket and a concrete brick I scavenged. So my office is really shaping up

VSVEVG has a new appointment as well, you may have noticed this nifty badge at the bottom of my most recent post. VSVEVG is now a featured blog at I was invited by the helpful and patient Sebastien Edgar, and assisted in setting up the badge by my dear friend Cheryl Larsen, many thanks to you both.

Clicking the badge will take you the Mexican expat portion of InterNations and an interview in which I manage to introduce myself to the audience at InterNations by talking about my nipples.

Welcome to vsvevg bold readers from InterNations, if you made it through the interviews carupo’s anecdote, and my favorite posts wherein I wax poetic over farmingeat my pet duck and dine with snipers.

I aim to make you laugh, make you think and hopefully bring some happiness. Paz, Abby

P.S. I am always happy to answer questions about our life here in Mexico.