Soupa eluding me.

Soupa eluding me.

I intended to post the first installment of Very Simple, Very Easy, Very Authentic today . The recipe—Caldo Blanco. It requires one chicken, one pot of water and salt. But to make this soup I had to catch and butcher the above rooster, who’s name, appropriately, is Soupa. This left me pondering how simple it was to make Caldo Blanco. My mind then wandered to, the enigmatic relationship between simple and easy, other posts I have written about food, and their sometimes self-righteous tone. For example.
How to kill and eat your pet
Holier than thou tortillas
How to drink blood.
Bean( Manifesto?!)
Faux Soupa

After all this contemplation I was far too lazy to track a rooster through the underbrush and write a convincing essay on how easy it was. Instead we had our version of carry out, I bought processed food: tortillas, canned corn, noodles and bouillon (it pains me to admit this to the world).

I made quesadillas and noodle soup. Simple and easy, but not particularity good, though it was good to be reminded that even I, sultan of sustainability, sometimes opt for convenience over principle. Also good, Soupa lives on to harangue us with cockle doodle doos at three in the morning for another week.

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