“Play the World”

“Image you’re a border patrol agent, cartel member, or rancher, watching a wall all day through binoculars, then see someone whip out a cello bow and start making music and noise from the wall. How does the relationship to the object change? Does the observation of something change its behavior? How does that change your relationship to the people on either side? Does it create the potential for something more? Can you build a bridge instead of  wall? “

If your interested in the how and why, read more of *Troy Farah’s article, it’s great.

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4 thoughts on ““Play the World”

    • I’m having fun giving myself a little vaca from writing posts. There’s so much great content online. I don’t usually get to browse around. Good to hear, others are enjoying this mini border art series too. Thank you for sharing Dannie.

  1. “Can you build a bridge instead of a wall?”
    Well that kind of summarizes my belief perfectly…
    As a matter of fact when I think of The Wall I can’t avoid it linking it to the two Germanys.
    Is History cyclical somehow?
    Great post. Thanks for sharing!, Aquileana 😛

    • Seems that way, the cycles that is. So glad you enjoyed the film, I was really impressed with it. I’ve been posting arts based on the US/Mex border while I’m here in the US with more time online to search, I don’t have internet at home in Mexico. I’m looking forward to spending more time on your blog soon, Have a great day!

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