Life in Mexico has interesting twists, for example we have a house guest who is a warlock. Brujo or cuerendero are the Spanish terms, cuerendero being a bit more p.c. But it seems to me he is  a Bruho, because his patron saint is Santa Muerte. He is a polite and helpful man, he does dishes which is pretty unusual for a man in these parts, and he likes to talk about his spirituality which is interesting to me. He  tells me he can divine whether or not the book I am writing will be successful, we have yet to receive this prophecy.  He is also working on my husbands chronic back pain,  Felipe says he feels better than he’s felt in years, and he cured my cat. She had a retained placenta or possibly still kitten. This is how he did it.

In the dark of night,because this is when we discovered she was ill, he and Felipe hunted down a bit of herb in the forest, I have yet to determine what  plant this is but will post it when I do. We then made a tea of chocolate, the herb and rusty nails. When it cooled we fed it to her with a drenching syringe. It took a about 24 hours but her symptoms passed. I was told I could also use this remedy for menstrual craps.

FYI, Because I am in such remote location using an Internet stick, my connection is pretty hit and miss. Often I am unable to get to my blog at all. Para poco, poco dice me Suegra, little by little, says my mother in law.

Thank you for your time, peace, Abby

2 thoughts on “Brujo

  1. Your Aunt’s referral on Facebook led me to your blog, which I am very excited to read on a regular basis. This post was fascinating and your life of simplicity and self sufficiency is admirable. I am excited to hear more of your adventures and experiences!

    • Hi Heather, thanks for visiting my blog, I thought I had replied, but I can find no record, sorry for the delay. I have a couple of new posts coming this week and plan to be posting with more frequncy. Hope you enjoy them. paz, Abby

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