umpa lumpas

A quick note on the mushrooms in the photo, they are the hongos azules found on the Cero Frio, the mountian that we live on. I took the photo, and refer to them as umpa lumpas for obvious reasons to anyone that has every seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.the first years 065

6 thoughts on “umpa lumpas

  1. Are these mushrooms edible, Abby? They are stunning! I would be interested in hearing how you prepared them and with what they are served? That color is so surreal!

    • Yep, they taste like really good dirt, like what farmers want to taste in thier soil in the spring. I have prepared them oven roasted in parchment, seared on a hot comal(mexican griddle) and as a taco filling. I will post that recipe for you and others since there has been interest. The coolest thing about them is they bleed blue when broken, they turn brown when cooked, kinda too bad, but in a way just makes them more magical. Thanks for reading me Heather, paz, A.

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