Becoming a Horizon

Kind of like home, but with a beach! Kind of like home, but with a beach!

I am an intrepid decision maker, but sometimes my coping skills struggle to keep up with the fearless nature of my choices. The past several weeks I’ve been scrambling to acclimate to modern life.

When I lived at the Piedra Rahada I felt well organized when I knew what day of the week it was, rich when there was an extra 10 pesos for beer;  thus, carrying internet on my body, honoring schedules, disposable cash and availability of products, have left me feeling rattled and unfocused.

But thankfully,last year I gave my self the gift of walking while memorizing poetry; Mr. Strand and the ocean are bringing me back to center.

10 thoughts on “Becoming a Horizon

  1. Breath is the perfect word for my life in Thailand. I know you have endured much harder things in your life, but for me the simpler times where decisions were for my everyday life were easier on my soul. Great post, Abby

    • Thank you Dannie. Yes it’s true, even though our life in La Tigra was hard and often painful, it was so lovely to wake up there everyday, and go to work for something we loved 🙂

  2. Breath – such an important message. So glad to hear your recitation again. I’m always reassured and grounded by routine yet often make quick life changing decisions as well. Walking – and literally feeling grounded – help me feel rooted and connected with new places.

    • Yes, it’s interesting how the touch of our feet on the earth and most recently for me, in the sand is truly centering. It’s one of life’s “small” grand gifts 🙂

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