Bathtub View


What the Water Gave Me Frida Kahlo

What the Water Gave Me, Frida Kahlo

I lie in the bath. The water is hot and I am grateful. I’ve lived without hot water so many years I tear up when slide into a hot bath.

The faucet drips. It falls into my bath, I try to feel that’s okay. The water will be used, enough water to serve two households on the other side of the world for an entire day, just for my pleasure.

The building’s water is paid for by the landlord.  He isn’t responsive to tenant concerns. I try not to think about this. It diminishes the experience and my choice. It doesn’t honor the water I’m submerged in.  I start to feel a little crazy. Why can’t I enjoy a bath without  sorrow for people who must risk death for a drink of contaminated water?

Other’s responses to times I was unable to keep my mouth shut surface. “If I have the ability to enjoy comforts why shouldn’t I?” “Denying yourself doesn’t change anything.” “You cannot save the world.”

Drip. Drip. Drip.



Day 19 in the United States of America





9 thoughts on “Bathtub View

  1. That’s a great painting. I laughed at your pleasure. My wife and I lived in Thailand for several years without hot water–except for coffee and cooking. I finally broke down and bought a water heater after we continually had to heat a tea pot of hot water to be added to a five gallon bucket. It is a great little device that is used in many countries. It’s an on-demand device.

    What really amazes me is that my wife put up with the no hot water so well.

    Many things we take for granted in the States is somewhat of a luxury in other places.

    • We do that too, but only at night or in December. Mostly I’m just too lazy 🙂 and a cold shower is good for the soul and the nervous system. I am more inclined to heat water for dishes, though infrequently. I’m amused by the products in Mexico that are marketed as “dish soap that cuts grease without hot water!” and ‘ toilet paper that doesn’t sink when you can’t flush it!” peace to you Dannie

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